AVE Connex Multicore-1630 12 In / 4 Out Multicore with Stage Box 30m


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Key Features:
  • High quality 30m multicore with breakout cables
  • 12 Input / 4 Output Stage Box
  • Great sound quality
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Oxygen Free Copper
  • Durable cable
  • Neutrik Style Connectors

The Connex Multicore-1630 is a high quality 12 input / 4 output stage box with 30m multicore snake. Perfect for running audio on stage and in studio recording rooms. The 30, snake features a durable PVC coating that keeps all the cables neat and protected, and terminates with high quality XLR connectors. Easy to run and a must have for larger set-ups requiring cable management

Technical Data

Channels: 16
Length: 30 m
Cable diameter: 18 mm
Colour: Black
Stage Box Connectors: 12 x female XLR
4 x male XLR
Breakout cable Connectors: 12 x male XLR
4 x female XLR
Breakout end length: 360 mm
Dimensions (stage box): 280 x 180 x 80mm
Weight: 8kg

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