Product Recall Registration

Audio Visual Engineering has found a potenital safety issue with some of our LED parcan models, and issued a product recall.

These products may be missing an internal grounding cable or wiring harness, in the event of a power supply arching it may cause the front panel and/or mounting brackets to become live. If touched this would deliver an electric shock that may cause serious injury or death.

This issue affect units sold in Australia from the 5th of May 2020 till the 18th May 2021. We ask that these products be disconnected from the mains power source and stored safely until their return. Once returned all products will be inspected, if you product is found to be one of the affected units we will offer one the appropriate solutions;

  • Modification to fix the defect
  • Replacement with a product of similar specifications and output
  • Refund/Credit*

* Refunds & Credits will be facilitated & processed via the retailer that you purchased the product from. AVE will not be issuing refunds or credits to end users.

For more information on ourproduct recall please email us at, or call the office on 03 9706 5325

Please complete the below registration form, from here one of our representatives will be in contact to advise the next steps to get the product returned.

AVE Product Parcan Recall



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