AVE Magic Mist SMM-20H Heavy Smoke Fluid

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Key Features:
  • Creates an ultra-thick white fog
  • 100% Odourless with a slow dissipation rate
  • Used by the CFA for fire training drills, security systems, and outdoor events
  • Made for use with waterbased smoke machines and ice foggers
  • Made in Australia with premium ingredients

Make your smoke thicker and last longer. A high-grade heavy density smoke fluid for use in all Smoke Machines. This product is 100% Australian made and is both non-toxic and non-flammable. This smoke fluid is used by many large production companies and the Australian Fire Brigades & services for training new recruits.


Technical Data

Fluid Type: Heavy Smoke fluid
Suitable For: Smoke machines, fazers, and water based haze machines
Size: 5L

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