Axiom AX800A NEO Line Array System with Subwoofers

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Key Features:

  • Complete AX800A NEO Line Array System
  • Perfectly balanced sound with a 4:1 element / sub ratio
  • WTW driver configuration elements with bandpass subwoofer
  • Dual 8” neodymium woofers + 1.4” HF neodymium compression driver per element
  • Acoustic filter control for wide and stable 100° horizontal coverage
  • Elements deliver  a natural cardioid operation from the integrated transmission line back loading design
  • 40-bit floating point CORE2 processing with PRONET AX remote control via CANBUS
  • Highly effecient Class D amplifier modules with SMPS and PFC
  • Easy to assemble as a fflown or ground stack array with the inlcuded bracket

The AX800A NEO is a compact lightweight powered line array element that combines superior sound quality with flexibility and ease of use in an organically styled moulded enclosure. It is designed for a wide range of general purpose indoor and outdoor live sound applications and many types of fixed installations. To fully extend low frequency response the AX800A NEO is designed to be used with the SW1800A subwoofer, a compact dual 18”  hybrid manifolded bandpass design, in a recommended 4:1 ratio.

The AX800A NEO offers a simple but innovative approach to the design of line array elements. The simple concept of the WTW symmetrical drive unit configuration is effectively implemented in order to minimize the effects of potential beaming phenomena arising from the woofers around the crossover frequency.

The orientation and precise separation of the woofers also minimizes interference effects between them, while the use of a mechanical-acoustic polyurethane filter further reduces midrange beaming.

The crossover filter approach is based on a “Constant Power” technique. Thanks to a particular phase combination between the two ways around the crossover frequency, this approach is able to provide a very stable horizontal coverage and a very stable off-axis sound image, also minimizing unwanted effects around the crossover frequency. The further application of phase linearization techniques, combined to constant power crossover, yield a linear phase response and a coherent time response. This allows for a natural perception of acoustic instruments and voices, and for improved depth of the sound image.


The AX800A NEO provides built-in flying hardware as an integral part of the cabinet, offering fast and intuitive rigging from a single flypoint in mobile or fixed applications, together with excellent load-bearing capacity. It consists of a front suspension system constructed from two aluminium fast link structures, which are connected at the top to the KPTAX800 or KPTAX800L flybars with quick release rigging pins, and at the bottom to the next cabinet with quick release rigging pins. The KPTAX800 and KPTAX800L  flybars can support respectively a column of up to 4 or 12 cabinets using a single pickup point. Inter-cabinet angles are set by means of the rear cabinet links in increments of 0.5° from 0° to 7.5°. Using the KPAX8 pole adapter up to 2 cabinets can be installed on a speaker pole.


System Components

  • 8x AX800A NEO Powered 2x 8" Array Element
  • 2x KPTAX800 Flybar
  • 6x 176722 PowerCON & XLR combo cable
  • 2x SW1800A Powered 2x18" Subwoofer
  • 2x SW1800 Subwoofer Covers

Technical Data

System’s Acoustic Principle Line Array Element, Short Transmission Line LF Back Loading, Acoustic Transmission Line HF Waveguide
Manifolded Band Pass
Frequency Response (±3dB) 36 Hz – 16.8kHz (Processed)
Horizontal/ Vertical Coverage Angle 100° x 10° (-6dB) (elements)
Maximum Peak SPL @ 1m 133.5 dB (per element)
139 dB (subwoofer)
Tranducers Two 8”(200mm) neodymium woofers, 2” (38mm) voice coil, 8Ω each, paralleled
One 1.4” neodymium driver, 2.5” (64mm) edgewound voice coil, titanium diaphragm, 8Ω
Two 18″ (460mm) woofers, 3″ (75mm) voicecoil
HF Tranducers
Input Impedance 20 kΩ balanced, 10 kΩ unbalanced
Input Sensitivity +4dBu / 1.25 V
Signal Processing CORE2 processing, 40-bit floating point SHARC DSP, 24 bit AD/DA converters
Direct access Controls 4 Presets, Network Termination, GND Link
Remote Controls PRONET AX control software
Network Protocol CANBUS
Amplifier Type Class D with SMPS
Output Power 800W + 400W (element)

1000W + 1000W (subwoofer)

Mains Voltage Range (Vac) 100 – 240V 50/60Hz with PFC
IN / OUT Connectors Neutrik XLR-M / XLR-F
IN / OUT Network Connectors ETHERCON®(NE8FAV)
Mains Connector PowerCon® (NAC3MPA)
Mains Link Connector PowerCon® (NAC3MPB)
Cooling Variable speed DC fan
Dimensions (W x H x D) 600 x 265.5 x 516 mm  (per element)
Enclosure Material Polypropylene
Rigging System KPTAX800 (elements only)
Front Suspension Aluminum Fast Link structure
Back Suspension High Strength Steel with ¼ Fast Pin
Net Weight 94 kg (per hang)
328 kg (system)

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