Laserworld PL-5000RGB MKII Pure Diode RGB Laser System

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Key Features:
  • 5’000 mW guaranteed power
  • Graphics capable – 40kpps@8° ILDA
  • Max scan angle 50°
  • Full colour mixing – analog modulation
  • Sharp intense beams – ca. 5.0 mm beam diameter and low divergence of 1.0 mrad
  • Save safety settings direct to the laser and they apply in all modes
  • Link multiple units with linking Power, DMX and ILDA
  • Free computer control software – Showeditor – upgradable to Showcontroller
  • Supplied with carry case

The Laserworld PL-5000RGB MKII show laser light is completely equipped with diodes and has a good white balance, with linear color fading behaviour and high visibility and a beam diameter of about ca. 5.0 mm and beam divergence of ca. 1.0 mrad.

Guaranteed output power at aperture is 5’000 mW and individual power are: 1’200 mW / 638 nm (red), 1’700 mW / 520 nm (green), 3’000 mW / 450 nm (blue).
Fast scanners work at a speed of 40kpps@8° ILDA and can do a max. scan angle of 50°.

The complete projector is built with sealed housing technology and is cooled through the external cooling fins (bottom part). Thus the maintenance effort is kept very low.
At the back of the unit there are trim pots for color settings, so the color balance can be quickly adjusted. The X- / Y-axis can also be mirrored through push buttons. Additionally the scan safety can be set at the backside of the laser system.

Each laser unit has a built-in ShowNET network interface for Showcontroller and Showeditor, or can be controlled with any ILDA laser control software such as Pangolin Quickshow, Pangolin Beyond, LSX, Lasergraph DSP, etc. via external ILDA connections. The PL-5000RGB mkII also inlcudes a built-in memory with pre-set patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX / ArtNET, and automatic modes.

The integrated ShowNET allows you to directly control the laser from your PC  via the a LAN style connection, allowing you to create custom laser shows to captivate your audience. Another key feature is the ability to edit and save the internal preset patterns, allowing users to create and save a show or scene to the interal mememory to then be triggered via DMX or ArtNET. Making it the perfect fit for use with larger lighting shows from a single DMX console.

Technical Data

Guaranteed Power at aperture 5’000 mW
Power Red 1’200 mW / 638 nm
Power Green 1’700 mW / 520 nm
Power Blue 3’000 mW / 450 nm
Beam Specifications ca. 5.0 mm / 1.0 mrad
Scanner 40kpps@ 8° ILDA
Max. Scan Angle 50°
Laser Source Diode
Laser Class 4
Operation Modes ILDA, DMX, LAN, ArtNet, ILDA streaming, integrated SD card, stand-alone, master-slave
Basic Patterns over 120 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
Accessories Incl. Outdoor case, key, power cable, manual; full version Showeditor software license included
Power Supply 85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 150 W
Dimensions 320 x 220 x 180 mm
Weight 10.1 kg

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