Laserworld Tarm 11 Outdoor Pure Dioide Full Colour Laser System

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Key Features:
  • Professional 12W laser system in IP65 waterproof housing
  • 12,000 mW guaranteed power
  • Graphics capable – 45kpps @ 8° ILDA Scanners
  • Fitted with premium and low maintenence RTI RSL2 module
  • Extremely low divergeance of <0.8 mrad on both X & Y axis
  • Control screen (internal) for convenient mode selection
  • Integrated powerful mainboard with advanced configuration, and DAC features.
  • Free computer control software – Showeditor – upgradable to Showcontroller
  • Multiple control modes – stand-alone, ArtNET, LAN and ILDA streaming
  • Made in Germany

The tarm 11 OUTDOOR are especially designed for outdoor laser installations. They come equipped with the top quality laser setup known from the standard tarm units, but have a waterproof enclosure that not only protects the components inside from water, but also shields off direct heat from solar exposure. A specially designed roof in front of the output window prevents it from getting impacted by direct rain. To cope with varying temperatures, the tarm OUTDOOR units are equipped with an active watercooling system, that is built into the housing. An active heating system helps to keep the laser systems operational even at low temperatures. Thus the tarm 11 OUTDOOR lasers can be used at environmental temperatures between -10°C and +45°C. A CT Scanner upgrade with LAS Turboscan drivers is available for the tarm 11 OUTDOOR to achieve top end quality graphics results.

The tarm 11 OUTDOOR is made in Germany and is a compact show laser system that is ideally suited for top professional laser show applications of any kind. It is built with the latest RTI semiconductor laser modules that are specially designed in a way to keep spot size as well as divergence equal on both x- and y-axis. This is significantly advantageous over solutions with a very good divergence on one axis, but a bad divergence on the other. The laser modules inside the tarm 11 OUTDOOR are different – the spot size and shape is equal for all colors and on both axis

The beam specifications of the new tarm 11 OUTDOOR are given with only ca. 5.0 mm diameter and <0.8 mrad divergence – which applies to both axis. The extremely small beam diameter allows for the use of very small mirrors, which results in reduced inertia and thus very good scanning performance.

Technical Data

Guaranteed Power at aperture 12,000 mW
Power Red 3,800 mW / 637 nm
Power Green 5,000 mW / 520 nm
Power Blue 5,000 mW / 450 nm
Beam Specifications* ca. 5.0 mm / <0.8 mrad
Scanner 45kpps @ 8° ILDA; optional: CT-6210 with LAS Turboscan: 60kpps @ 8° ILDA, max. 60°
Max. Scan Angle 50°
Laser Source RSL2 modules
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes LAN, ArtNet, ILDA Streaming, integrated SD card, stand-alone
Basic Patterns over 120 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
Accessories Incl.power cable, manual, E-Stop, interlock connector, full version Showeditor software license included
IP rating IP65
Power Supply 85 V – 250 V / AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 400 W
Dimensions 800 x 370 x 260 mm
Weight 24 kg

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